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  1. pamkips 18wk 6d ago

    Quote by Fran ?

    how come you're still walling i'm just

    im not, I just dropped by ok! why u got to hurt me like this?

    idek what photoshop is tbh

  2. pandemonium91 System Admin 21wk 2d ago

    Quote by Fran system admin, what do u know huh

    Ayup. How's life been treatin' ya?

  3. SolemnSerpent Aug 07, 2014


    Edit: ran by an old comment; right above it; Retired Moderator, Tagger, Linguistics
    dayum gurl, you have a whole sentence goin' on there.

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 26, 2014

    Close to four years later, and looking at that Lain wall still makes me get all fanboy like and makes me revisit the series.

    My word.